BandMaster | BandMania Beta

Okay guys i have a new game that i'm playing right now, this is a game that made by a Filipino People. But anyway
are you love to play BandMaster Online? Did you hear that game? If not, you can check it by searching it on youtube.
But this game that i will share to you is called BandMania an alternative game of BandMaster it is an offline game or a enhancer game for
bandmaster, but there's a song that bandmaster didn't have. Because there is an albums there that make by its author.
So, it means that you can play another songs than BandMaster Online.

The game was like an o2jam that someone chinese/jap. people make an alternative to that game,
because they want to enhanced there capacity and abilities especially to all players of o2jam and that game name is O2Mania. So, when im thinking about this...
If o2jam have a o2mania the BandMaster have a BandMania :).

Don't worry because it is free to play you dont need to buy it or something because all you need to do is to download it to there website page. Anyway
here's some video from there fan page:

BandMania Official Website | Forum:
Visit them~
BandMania Official Fan Page:
The game was in Beta version so more feature that will come soon :).

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